Our Story

Artisan Handmade Jewelry Story

Artisan Handmade Jewelry” was created by Mila and her father in June 2022. AHJ is a family-owned small business, and there is an incredible amount of love that goes into creating each piece. It is inspired by the simple elements, seasons, and colors found in nature.

The goal of this small business is to provide you with beautiful,100 percent handmade, jewelry of Mediterranean design. Imported materials are sourced from many countries such as Turkey, Czech, Italy, Japan and India. We specialize in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Our products are a collection of natural and man-made beads, combined with metal and copper beads.

The beauty of our products are the colors of the different beads. We create jewelry for women, men, and youth. Each piece is individually created, with original designs, shape,size, and color. It is especially lightweight and easy for everyday wear, and yet is also right for formal wear. 

We began selling in June 2022, with our first event being the World Refugee Day event in Boise, Idaho. Then we started vending in the Farmer Markets, as well as another large event at the Idaho Renaissance Faire. We were moved by the number of encouraging and enthusiastic customers that we were able to serve at those events. It was a wonderful experience to see so many happy people enjoying our creations.

Due to the positive response from the community we were motivated to expand our business and make our products available to a wider audience.

On November 21st, with the help of many friendly people here in Boise, we were able to move our idea from an image in our minds to this reality and launch our online store offering nationwide shipping, local shipping as well as “fast and free” pickup options.


I take this opportunity to thank all of those who participated and supported us in the creation of this small business. Special thanks to the following:

Dr. Said A.Z., Ph.D., retired professor from Boise State University; helped create the name of the business.

Rabiou M, Immigration Services Supervisor at International Rescue Committee, who encouraged me to start the business and referred me to the right people to get it started.

Klaudia S., Business Development Specialist, from Jannus; completed tons of paperwork in the creation and setting up of the business. She is also providing me with classes in small business practices.

Kara F., Outreach & Partnership Manager, Idaho Office for Refugees, who gave me the first opportunity to sell my jewelry on Refugee Day, June 18,2022.

Waleed M, former BSU student, who set up the website on July 13, 2022.

Carol G, Retired office clerk, edited descriptions of all products.

Dennis, Martin and Doug, all retired business men,volunteers at the Small Business Association, who helped me with techniques of success in business.

KiKi L English teacher at College of Western Idaho who helped with her daughter Aria at the Renaissance Fair event in Kuna, Idaho on October 8th & 9Th as well as setting up the online store (Shopify) on November 19, 2022.